$175/Day $525/Week

$175/Day $525/Week


Velvet Power 2x2

A great low-wattage substitute for high-powered tungsten and HMI lights, w/ a Kelvin range of 2700°-6500°, CRI and TLCI of 95, and a power draw of only 340W.


Rental Includes:

Velvet Power 2x2 Fixture; AC Power Supply; Flight Case



  • Kelvin Range: 2700° - 6500°

  • CRI & TLCI: 95

  • Output: 8,000 lux / 740 fc @ 10ft/3m

  • 1200W HMI Fresnel Equivalent

  • 5KW Tungsten Fresnel Equivalent

  • Power Draw: 340W

  • Cooling: No-noise / fan-free / passive

  • Weight: 35.5lbs / 16kg

  • Beam Angle: 30°


Practical Field Tips

Have power limitations, or shooting in the field? With a power draw of only 340W, you could power up to 6 of these units on one of our 2200W putt-putt generators, or 5 on a 15-amp (typical household) circuit!