Taking your gear on a plane? We can help. We’ve done many, MANY travel shoots, and use that experience to streamline your on-the-road experience.



  1. Avoid $1,000s in overweight fees: We pack your gear for weigh-in, so you’ll have no unnecessary overweight luggage fees, saving you hundreds/thousands of dollars per flight.

  2. Avoid $1,000s in excess baggage: We condense gear into the fewest cases necessary, so you don’t have to pay to travel 100 tiny cases (e.g. we’ll get your four 7-inch monitors in one* case, not four small ones!)

  3. Stay efficient: We pack gear to be conducive to your on-the-go production.

  4. Fly confidently: We know TSA, FAA, and IATA rules for traveling batteries, and other gear considered “hazardous,” and will help ensure your gear isn’t held back by security.



We offer Carnet assistance services. We’ll send you a list of serial numbers for your exact rental gear, ahead of time, allowing you to complete your Carnet in a timely manner. Most rental houses leave you with hundreds or thousands of serial numbers to find and record on your own, causing you to scramble to get your Carnet completed last-minute.


Questions? Call or email us, and we’ll guide you through anything you’re still curious about!